Work With Me

Choosing the right people to work with, may be one of the most important decisions you make. I should know: I’ve worked with James Beard award winners, stars of ABC’s The Bachelorette and Capitol recording artists, and my mentors include The Daily Show and MADtv alums as well as the former Senior Editor at Mother Jones magazine.

All of those experiences have shaped my storymaking — like producing viral content or writing the biggest blog post for a brand in a given year —, but have also instilled some core beliefs that I bring with me anywhere I go:

  1. Be kind, especially to people on their way up. You never know when you might see someone again, and no one wants to work with a jerk — no matter how talented they are. 

  2. You have to make a lot of crap to get to the good stuff. Great work comes from not being afraid to try. Creating something beats perfection every time.

  3. Creative work is a process. Whether it’s on-set or in a brainstorming session, most of this work is a “hurry up and wait” kind of thing. Don’t assume that if someone doesn’t have a frantic energy that they’re not aware of deadlines or timing, they’ve probably just done this all before.

I’d love to help you share your story — no matter the stage of your journey. So, what kind of work can we do together?

Talent Development

For the passionate creator who has a message to share, but is afraid of how to do that, I will be your guide for:

  • Live/ scripted video and podcasts

    • Establishing your unique voice and point of view

    • Hosting and interviewing guests

    • Answering questions and interacting with live audience members

    • How to think on your feet when things start to go wrong

  • Non-fiction, editorial and fiction writing

    • Content coaching

Content Ideation

Hit a roadblock or love collaborating? Let’s get to the whiteboard because I love hunkering down for a brainstorming session about:

  • Live and scripted video

  • Live performance

  • Podcasts

  • Editorial

  • Copywriting

Production Consulting

Want to produce your own content, but not sure where to start? Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of live/ scripted video and podcasts, especially:

  • Pre-production

    • Scheduling

    • Budgets

    • Equipment

    • Securing locations

    • Hiring a crew or talent

    • Requesting interviews

    • Call sheets

  • Production 

    • Day of filming/ recording need to knows

    • Releases

  • Post-Production

    • Editing