I believe that every single one of us is just one or two degrees of separation away from the life we really want to be living, and I want to get you there.

In short: I want to connect you to your best stories.

That happens when story and connection are met with a whole lot of meaning and a dash of boldness—-and I’m nothing if not bold, like that bright red lipstick you see way down the street.

And you? Well, you:

  • Aren’t one for cookie cutter anything. Life is better lived outside of the box and other people’s expectations.

  • Crave genuine connection with your audience and would rather have a deep conversation over a cup of coffee than surface internet relationships.

  • Believe that you have a message worth sharing, but don’t know how to put the pieces together.

  • Doubt your capabilities, even though deep down, you know you are a rockstar.

“But how did she know?!”

I’m not psychic. I just understand.

And here are some things you should know about me:

  1. I’m HELLA Californian. Born and raised in the suburbs of Vacaville, I grew up with fruit farms a plenty and believe that summer nights are supposed to be spent in hoodies with a good white wine. 

  2. Never the girl to stay home, I’ve had mailboxes in South Carolina, Los Angeles, Oakland, NYC, Birmingham and now, Nashville. 

  3. I love Bay Area sports. Niners. Giants. Warriors. All day, every day.

  4. Mornings are my jam. That’s my time to write, meditate, dive into a daily devotional and do work on my yoga mat.

  5. Performing is my first love. I moved to L.A. when I was 19 and ended up graduating from The Second City Hollywood. Yes, And.

  6. Improv and sketch comedy led me to college at the age of 23 and made me a proud alumna of Mills — the oldest women’s school in the West.

  7. I cut my editorial teeth in the Bay Area before a year-long fellowship with Time Inc., which led me to become the first dedicated Facebook Live segment producer for the entire company.

  8. You may have seen my work for Cooking Light, Southern Living, Food & Wine, Coastal Living, Travel + Leisure, Health and Time magazine.

  9. I co-created and co-hosted the internet sensation you probably missed, Babble & Nosh,  about two gals sharing snacks and their favorite food stories. 

  10. As much as I love being on-camera, I thrive when given the reigns behind the scenes. I like to make things happen — writing, producing, directing, developing talent — to bring out the tiny details in someone’s work that takes it from mediocre to “that ish feels so good”.

  11. I have a weekly podcast Babe Cave which exists for dope women to connect and challenge what is acceptable. If you’re trying to figure out your story, often times it helps hearing and understanding someone else’s. 

  12. I don’t believe there are final destinations in life. It’s a process of learning, reevaluating and trusting the tiny voice inside that you’ll figure things out along the way.

Basically, I got you. No matter where you are or are not—Take a deep breathe. We’re in this together now.