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The Reincarnated Book Tour with Jacque Osborn

Every day in my life, I should show up and be a person I want to be.-2.png

In case you missed it, I wrote a book , “Reincarnated: How lost dreams, jobs and loves set me free”. This is memoir came out of another book, which I still very much believe in, but I realized that this was the story I was always meant to tell; the journey I was always meant to share. And I knew that I wanted to share the stories of other women who helped me in my life and how they themselves have been reincarnated in their personal and professional lives.

So, I’m continuing The Reincarnated Book Tour with my oldest friend and fellow new business owner, Jacque Osborn.

We get deep into realizing that sometimes you’re the reason your job is terrible, the pressure and power of making it official with your business dreams and how to be inspired by others while staying original.

Welcome to The Reincarnated Book Tour with Jacque Osborn.

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The Reincarnated Book Tour with Allison Andres

I have the luck and the privilege to do the job that I do, and I also kind of have the freedom to implode things. I know I have the skill and the tenacity to rebuild it when the time is right..png

In case you missed it, I wrote a book , “Reincarnated: How lost dreams, jobs and loves set me free”. This is memoir came out of another book, which I still very much believe in, but I realized that this was the story I was always meant to tell; the journey I was always meant to share. And I knew that I wanted to share the stories of other women who helped me in my life and how they themselves have been reincarnated in their personal and professional lives.

So, I’m kicking off The Reincarnated Book Tour with my girl Allison Andres. We met when we were wee babes of just 17 and have been each other’s cheering sections through moves, weddings and little ones.

This chat had me nodding my head yes so many times, and I know that you’ll also be able to resonate with the feelings of imposter syndrome and how to find your true way when you’re already halfway down the path.

Join me for some quality time with Allison as she talks about quitting her corporate job to start her own photography business and the pivots that come with major life changes, how talent doesn’t correlate with success, and the power of connecting with clients to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Welcome to The Reincarnated Book Tour with Allison Andres.

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The Yes Episode


If you want a change in your life, some new energy flowing, it’s probably time to say yes to something. It’s not about agreeing to do any and everything, but it is about allowing yourself some space to manifest some new magic.

This week, I’m getting real about the power of intention, why sometimes you have to play someone else’s game, and how to stop shutting ourselves off from the good stuff.

Welcome to The Yes Episode.

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The Regret Episode

You're gonna die.-3.png

Maybe the biggest lie that someone could tell you is that you have time. You don’t have to start that project or business right now because there will always be tomorrow. There’s no need to take a leap of faith and go after what you really want. That’s just too scary.

But what if you keep wishing and pushing your true desires until tomorrow and the day after until there are no days left?

This week, I’m getting deep into the longing of life never fully lived, why we should learn from other people’s mistakes and how to move forward so we never look back.

Welcome to The Regret Episode.

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The Rejection Episode

It’s not that things magically happen when you’re persistent after so long, but you’re definitely increasing your chances.-2.png

I don’t know anyone who loves rejection.

It’s probably one of the biggest fears of most of us. Given the chance, we’d rather avoid putting ourselves out there than to risk any possibility that someone could say, “No thanks.”

But who ever got everything they wanted? And if those people exist (which deep down, we know at least one), they surely have some disconnect with reality because the world never told them no.

The problem with rejection is the power we give it. That’s not to say that it can’t rip your heart right out of your chest when someone breaks up with you or the job you would be a great match for goes to someone else. What I am saying is that when you hear no, at least you know that you were trying. When other people were just dreaming and wishing of doing things that are a little scary, you put yourself out there. There’s always a 50/50 chance that things could work in your favor, so why not see if you’re worth your salt——falling flat on your face or not. There’s only one way to find out.

That’s why I’m diving into the power of trying in the midst of self-doubt, why there’s no time like the present and the necessity of falling flat on your face.

Welcome to The Rejection Episode.

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The Imposter Episode

%22We’re all just pretending.%22-2.png

I’m a sucker for authenticity. The second I find out something is a façade, I’m out. But for some reason, I’m afraid of being found out.

I don’t know if it’s the critic that loves to live inside of me, but my greatest fear is some sort of global agreement that I am not truly good at what I believe I am good at.

It’s easy to believe that other people in other places doing other things never have this fear, but talk to anyone with any kind of responsibility or success, and they would probably tell you that their scared.

We coat our social media profiles with pictures reassuring ourselves that maybe we do actually have our shit together. But as soon as we take the masks off, we see how we’re all just barely held together at the seams.

This week, I’m exploring the danger of trying to prove our worth to the world, how there is no “arrival” moment for any of us, and why there’s safety in numbers.

Welcome to The Imposter Episode.

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The Let It Go Episode

Let that shit go.-2.png

The final installment of my accidental series has arrived. We’ve talked about life-changing events and assuming the best of ourselves and others when shit hits the fan. Now, we’re moving on.

It’s one thing to acknowledge major changes and issues, but quite another to fully be free from things and people who are not serving you.

So, I’m diving into the pain of holding onto people and situations for too long, why it’s essential that we figure out how to control our reactions to others and then lastly, giving you permission to be free.

Welcome to The Let It Go Episode.

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The Grace Episode

grace exists when people recognize that someone else has their own history, feelings and associations, and that they are doing the best they can with what they have.-2.png

We’re continuing last week’s discussion about game-changers and how overwhelming other people’s (and even our own) expectations can be when life gets thrown upside down. Now that we’ve created space for ourselves to change, we can move into a place of healing. I’ve often found that holding resentments and judgements only plunges me into greater resentments and judgements.

I don’t want to live like that, and I have a feeling that you don’t want to either. We’re all just moving along the best we can, and sometimes, 100% isn’t possible, and that’s okay.

We are so concerned with operating at our highest levels all the time that we forget there may be times when we just can’t do that. Life comes in waves of intensity and softness, and while you can’t control it, you can change how you react to yourself and those around you.

This week, I’m settling into how we can create space for those tired hearts, why it’s important to assume the best of even the “worst” people, and what to do when faced with our own game-changers.

Welcome to The Grace Episode.

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The Game-Changer Episode

You are allowed to change what you want in life.-2.png

You know those times when you think that everything is going okay, and then all of a sudden your life blows up? Yeah, those are the moments when you evaluate and re-evaluate and then evaluate what you re-evaluted. That’s also when you start to question everything that you’ve believed about yourself and what you really want.

And it’s okay.

This week, I’m jumping into the deep end with why you shouldn’t be held back by other people’s judgements of your choices, what to do when your plans drastically change, and the importance of letting yourself evolve.

Welcome to The Game-Changer Episode.

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The Thrive Episode

We are the ones getting in our own way..png

Aaaaaannnnnndddd, we’re back! Season 2 is officially resuming from its winter hiatus, and I could not be more excited.

As some of the excitement of the new year has faded, I think it’s a great time to remember what we hoped for ourselves even just a few weeks ago. I mean, even if it’s not the beginning of the year, we’re constantly changing the goal line for ourselves, and we need a little encouragement every now and then.

It’s easy to have dreams and then find ways, consciously or unconsciously, to sabotage those very things. Sometimes, I wonder if we even like ourselves.

So, for this episode, I’m getting serious about how we can be our own biggest obstacles, the importance of allowing ourselves to do well, and how the measure of a good life is more than just pretty pictures or a dope job.

Welcome to The Thrive Episode.

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The Now Episode

%22This is not an in between moment. This is THE moment. And this is the only thing that matters right now.%22-2.png

As we end this year, I wanted to get continue the theme of mindfulness. With the new year approaching and commitments between home, family and work, there is a constant stream of “do more” and “get ready to be your best self” or even the extra strong “the best is yet to come”.

But what about right now?

How are we enjoying this moment right here and taking advantage of all that it has to bring, whether that’s rest, work or play?

Why are we always looking forward or behind for the best when it could be right in front of us?

So, for this last episode of 2018, I want to share my thoughts about the power of the present, how the best time of your life is currently happening, and why you shouldn't wait until the new year to start accomplishing goals.

Welcome to The Now Episode.

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The Magic Episode

“Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.”-4.png

Something special is in the air. And it’s not just the holidays.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about magic. The kind that appears wherever you go and that makes you feel incredibly alive.

I can close my eyes and remember specific moments in time when I truly felt magic. That feeling seemed to escape me for awhile, but something has been waking up in me again. And I just couldn’t keep it to myself.

So this week, I’m getting deep into the majesty of life, how to find child-like wonder in everything you do and why when you choose to ignore the greatness of every moment, you’re only cheating yourself.

Welcome to The Magic Episode.

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