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The Reincarnated Book Tour with Allison Andres

I have the luck and the privilege to do the job that I do, and I also kind of have the freedom to implode things. I know I have the skill and the tenacity to rebuild it when the time is right..png

In case you missed it, I wrote a book , “Reincarnated: How lost dreams, jobs and loves set me free”. This is memoir came out of another book, which I still very much believe in, but I realized that this was the story I was always meant to tell; the journey I was always meant to share. And I knew that I wanted to share the stories of other women who helped me in my life and how they themselves have been reincarnated in their personal and professional lives.

So, I’m kicking off The Reincarnated Book Tour with my girl Allison Andres. We met when we were wee babes of just 17 and have been each other’s cheering sections through moves, weddings and little ones.

This chat had me nodding my head yes so many times, and I know that you’ll also be able to resonate with the feelings of imposter syndrome and how to find your true way when you’re already halfway down the path.

Join me for some quality time with Allison as she talks about quitting her corporate job to start her own photography business and the pivots that come with major life changes, how talent doesn’t correlate with success, and the power of connecting with clients to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Welcome to The Reincarnated Book Tour with Allison Andres.

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