The Magic Episode

“Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.”-4.png

Something special is in the air. And it’s not just the holidays.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about magic. The kind that appears wherever you go and that makes you feel incredibly alive.

I can close my eyes and remember specific moments in time when I truly felt magic. That feeling seemed to escape me for awhile, but something has been waking up in me again. And I just couldn’t keep it to myself.

So this week, I’m getting deep into the majesty of life, how to find child-like wonder in everything you do and why when you choose to ignore the greatness of every moment, you’re only cheating yourself.

Welcome to The Magic Episode.

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The Samantha Chalmers Episode

If you are greatly blessed, it is truly your responsibility to bless others.-2.png

Hold on because in this episode we’re getting a good fill of heart, soul and some words to keep you chewing on until next week—-long after those Thanksgiving leftovers have vanished.

There have been so many conversations in the news lately, but this is one that I knew I had to have as soon as possible. Some things can’t wait.

So this week, I’m sitting down with the lovely and talented founder of J14 Marketing Strategies, Samantha Chalmers to talk about the realities of birthright citizenship for first generation immigrants like herself, the responsibility of being a representative of Indian people and culture in South Dakota, and how her roots shaped her to build her dreams and business how she sees fit.

Welcome to The Samantha Chalmers Episode.

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The Expectations Episode

%22Expectations are resentments waiting to happen.%22-2.png

Oh, the holidays—-that wonderful time of the year where you get a helping a mashed potatoes with a side of side-eye from your grandma. Yeah, the good stuff.

When I was younger, I didn’t think much about the holidays or the stress that comes with it, but as I’ve gotten older, there are things that I dread. #1 being the questions about my life and what the heck is happening with it.

It’s hard to get past most of the conversations and the feelings of disappointment that undoubtedly come with them, but there is a small light at the end of the tunnel.

Grab a large glass of whiskey or coffee and join me as I dissolve the going-home-for-the-holidays belief that every question your family asks you is an attack, how to get out of the conversations you don’t want to have and why letting go of our expectations of ourselves is the real key to surviving the holidays.

Welcome to The Expectations Episode.

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Baby Babe Episode #2: The Body Talk

%22Whatever someone says about what you look like on the outside, doesn't determine how you feel on the inside.%22.png

We’re coming in hot with my first Baby Baby guest, Callie Blount. From judgements from acquaintances about your weight to what healthy really looks like, this is the episode I needed when I was 13. Heck. I need it even now.

This is a call to abandon our unrealistic standards of what young women should look like, how to not only embrace where you’re at with your body now, but how to champion young women around you to love the unique skin they’re in, and why when given the chance, you should always go swimming off the coast of Italy. Summer body or not.

Welcome to Baby Babe Episode #2: The Body Talk.

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The Better Than That Episode

%22If we really want to make a change, then we need to take responsibility for ourselves.%22.png

Circling back to the Special Edition: The Shout Out Loud & Vote Episode, I’m taking this week to dive into the tone of our national social and political conversation. Midterm elections are coming to a conclusion, but nothing will be “over”. Regardless of the outcome, we need to stop pointing fingers and look at ourselves in the mirror. We’ll never see change if we believe that the state of the world is someone else’s fault.

This week, I’m putting out a call for civility, why change begins with a responsibility to ourselves and how questions are the key for understanding the other side.

Welcome to The Better Than That Episode.

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The Tribe Episode

The willingness to show up changes us. It makes us a little braver each time.-3.png

When I started Babe Cave, I wanted to be different than the other communities for women. A place for women to have meaningful conversations about more than just how to kill it at work or how to lose those last fews pounds. I have those conversations with my friends too, but there are so many spaces in-between, and I felt like no one was touching on those places.

Nothing is better or worse—-just different.

So many times, it seems that it’s easier to repost an inspirational quote than to sit in the darkness of deep feelings with our community. And then that begs the question of who our community really is. How do we meet them? What will it take for us to get there?

This week, I’m cracking open the truth about communities for women, how to really engage further than an Instagram post and why you need to still find your people, especially if you've been hurt before.

Welcome to The Tribe Episode.

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The Elise Mayfield Episode

%22What you learn when you don't succeed is that it's actually totally fine.%22-2.png

Every creative project won’t be an instant hit or even last as long as you may have thought, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t value in the journey.

This week, I chat with my good friend Elise Mayfield about co-creating our short-lived but personally successful YouTube web series Babble & Nosh, the one thing that landed her on Season 5 of MasterChef, and how to pick yourself back up after you faint on national television.

A big theme through the episode is the idea of failure and what it really means as so often, we cling to success—-or the idea of it—-so hard that sometimes we can’t see the beauty of the process. Join us as we dive into the pressure to succeed and how to push back and embrace failure head on.

Welcome to The Elise Mayfield Episode.

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Baby Babe Episode #1: The First Talk

%22For the girls who feel alone and like noone understands, I promise you that women have come before you feeling the same things you do, and you don't have to do it all by yourself. We got you.%22.png

Over the past year, the one thing that continued to come up was a lot of advice I felt would have been great for my younger self—-for the younger self of all of the Cave. Which got me thinking: why are there so many resources for established woman, but not so much for the ones who are just now learning how to navigate relationships, emotions and their own bodies?

I remember sitting in bookstores in high school and pouring over self-help books. Trying to find reasons for the things I was feeling—-I had to know that someone had been there before. And while people scoff at the idea of preparing for marriage, parenthood and even life in general by reading books or even seeking expert advice, I am not one of those people. Why would I not be open to hearing the mistakes of other people, so I don’t waste time?

And why now, would I not want to pass the things I and others have learned onto the next generation? In so many ways, I felt that so many of the women in my life had an attitude of, “you’ll figure it out because I had to”, and that’s so unfortunate.

So, I want to be the person I needed when I was younger. I want to connect young women to a resource that help them start conversations not only amongst themselves, but with parents, teachers and mentors. Sometimes, it takes a different voice, be it that of a big sister or auntie, to break the ice, and I’m more than happy to be that person.

Welcome to Baby Babe Episode #1: The First Talk.

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The FOMO Episode

%22You can still feel sad to not be a part of something, even if you were the one who decided to not be a part of it.%22-2.png

If you’ve been following along since the beginning of the year, and honestly, even before that, you know that I’ve been in constant exploration of figuring out how to cut back on the requirements we (and others) give us.

For me, it was saying no to a lot of trips and events this year. I didn’t know why, but I felt this overwhelming need to create space. Turned out, that the space and freedom I needed would be to deal with being laid off, losing my uncle and some unexpected travel to deal with all of the above and more.

But then those events and trips come and go, and the pictures are on the internet just reminding me that I’m not there. But because I decided to make it that way. Saying no isn’t always easy, but I found that three things helped me keep my sanity this summer, and I hope that they can help you too if you’ve ever regretted opting out.

Welcome to The FOMO Episode.

The Shout Out Loud & Vote Episode

and remember that when you show up and vote, you're not just voting for yourself, you're voting for everyone.-3.png

Midterms are approaching and with the recent SCOTUS nomination, I’ve been wondering, why we sometimes vote against ourselves across the board. We often come to the voting booth with one name in mind for a specific position, and believe that we don’t have to be responsible for actually knowing what our public officials believe or would act on.

If the last couple of years have taught us anything, it’s that we are more powerful than we believe, and our votes absolutely matter. We’re not just voting for right here and right now. We’re voting for the baby babes who haven’t even been thought of yet. So, show up. They’re counting on you.

Welcome to The Shout Out Loud & Vote Episode.

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The Babe's First Birthday Episode

%22We discredit our younger selves really easily.%22-4.png

The Cave is back for Season 2! It’s been a long summer of creating, and I am so excited to be back with you.

My good friend and artist, Marla joins me to reflect on Season 1, chat about her brand new EP and also how the Secret let me down with not making Justin Timberlake my husband—-you know, the important things.

We also reflect on the power of creating in restrictions, how to answer the question of what you do for a living, and making the art that you personally need. Welcome to The Babe's First Birthday Episode.

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The Head First Episode

%22...jump head first, and see what happens,because I guarantee that it's not as scary as you think.%22.png

As I close out Season 1, I share how falling 9,000 feet in the sky helped me to be okay not being in control, why there's danger in staying in our comfort zone and what it feels like to open ourselves up and let it all go.

It's easy to be so scared to fall. So often, we stay stuck in our heads evaluating and talking ourselves out of situations that could bring us the most joy. When we feel vulnerable, we start to get scared and think that we should just stay on the sidelines, where we can stay safe. But what we don't realize is that every time we sit out, we're cheating ourselves out of seeing what we're really made of.

Welcome to The Head First Episode.

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