The Thrive Episode

We are the ones getting in our own way..png

Aaaaaannnnnndddd, we’re back! Season 2 is officially resuming from its winter hiatus, and I could not be more excited.

As some of the excitement of the new year has faded, I think it’s a great time to remember what we hoped for ourselves even just a few weeks ago. I mean, even if it’s not the beginning of the year, we’re constantly changing the goal line for ourselves, and we need a little encouragement every now and then.

It’s easy to have dreams and then find ways, consciously or unconsciously, to sabotage those very things. Sometimes, I wonder if we even like ourselves.

So, for this episode, I’m getting serious about how we can be our own biggest obstacles, the importance of allowing ourselves to do well, and how the measure of a good life is more than just pretty pictures or a dope job.

Welcome to The Thrive Episode.

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