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The Grace Episode

grace exists when people recognize that someone else has their own history, feelings and associations, and that they are doing the best they can with what they have.-2.png

We’re continuing last week’s discussion about game-changers and how overwhelming other people’s (and even our own) expectations can be when life gets thrown upside down. Now that we’ve created space for ourselves to change, we can move into a place of healing. I’ve often found that holding resentments and judgements only plunges me into greater resentments and judgements.

I don’t want to live like that, and I have a feeling that you don’t want to either. We’re all just moving along the best we can, and sometimes, 100% isn’t possible, and that’s okay.

We are so concerned with operating at our highest levels all the time that we forget there may be times when we just can’t do that. Life comes in waves of intensity and softness, and while you can’t control it, you can change how you react to yourself and those around you.

This week, I’m settling into how we can create space for those tired hearts, why it’s important to assume the best of even the “worst” people, and what to do when faced with our own game-changers.

Welcome to The Grace Episode.

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The Game-Changer Episode

You are allowed to change what you want in life.-2.png

You know those times when you think that everything is going okay, and then all of a sudden your life blows up? Yeah, those are the moments when you evaluate and re-evaluate and then evaluate what you re-evaluted. That’s also when you start to question everything that you’ve believed about yourself and what you really want.

And it’s okay.

This week, I’m jumping into the deep end with why you shouldn’t be held back by other people’s judgements of your choices, what to do when your plans drastically change, and the importance of letting yourself evolve.

Welcome to The Game-Changer Episode.

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