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The Reincarnated Book Tour with Sasha A. Ali

I'd rather do it the hard way and get there myself.-2.png

I’m calling in reinforcements for this episode of the Reincarnated book tour with the first guest of Babe Cave, actress and comedian, Sasha A. Ali.

The first read for a lot of my work, Sasha’s truth is that breath of fresh air whether you want it or not, but the one you desperately need.

This casual conversation leads to some deep places as we share the:

  • power of knowing you suck and how essential honesty is when giving feedback

  • curse of being a loud audience member who your friends count on

  • lie we weren’t “actors” even after moving to L.A.

  • reason why we’re terrible at cold call networking and how we don’t care

Welcome to the Reincarnated Book Tour with Sasha A. Ali Episode.

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