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The Are We There Yet Episode

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Another season is officially wrapped, and this one comes with some real reflection on where Babe Cave goes next.

It’s that phase where you’ve done a bit, but aren’t quite “there” yet. If anyone even knows what “there” means or where it is.

When I started Babe Cave, I didn’t know what the next step was, but I trusted that my intuition would get me there—-that somehow, the path would unfold for me, and it has.

But I would be lying if I said that I haven’t been impatient.

After so long, you expect something to happen—-your website to wildly be selling your products, finally getting that promotion, the love of your life walking up to you in the grocery store, or being financially free to take a three month sabbatical.

And while things are happening, it may not be the things you hoped for—-the points of recognition that let you know you’ve “made it”.

Been there? Hate that feeling?

Sit next to me, friend because you’re in good company.

This Season 2 finale is chocked full of exploring:

  • whether or not we’ll ever feel like we’ve crossed a finish line

  • Julia Child’s 8+ year journey of creating her first cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking and how every step and delay was necessary for her success

  • the magic of waiting aka marinating

    We’ve made it this far. Might as well keep going.

    Welcome to The Are We There Yet Episode.

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