The Inspiration Episode

“You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.”-2.png

For this episode, I'm taking the Cave to new surroundings as I plunge into why you have to find inspiration without waiting for it to hit you, how changing your patterns can open new forms of creativity and why travel can't be the only way to be inspired.

There are times that it takes a little more effort to get creativity flowing. When I was in theater in high school, my director would say that every show she ever did, there were signs that that was the show she should be doing. It might be a sign with the show name at a business downtown, or even someone saying they were from an obscure town in Illinois and that conversation was line for line out of the script. We loved sharing these "signs" whether or not we believed them. But I believe that by trusting that signs would appear---by looking for them---we were more attuned to what was happening around us.

If we can believe that inspiration is everywhere---that it is living and breathing right were we are---think of what we would be able to create.

Welcome to The Inspiration Episode.

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