The Degrees of Separation Episode

We are always at any given point, one or two degrees of separation away from our wildest dreams.-2.png

Join me as I explore the desires that rest deep in most of our hearts, the thin lines that separate us and why we're closer to our dreams than we think.

I have longed believed that we are skimming past the people who we're meant to find, and sooner or later, our worlds will collide. No matter how far away we think we are, we can never give up hope.

Welcome to The Degrees of Separation Episode.

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The Callie Blount Episode


Food stylist and creator of Luv Cooks, Callie Blount drops in to talk about following your dreams when they don't make sense, listening to our own "inner tuition", and the beauty of falling flat on your face.

Callie and I met while working in food media, and from day one, I knew she was a kindred spirit. Her light and wisdom spilled out of every portion of our chat and left me wanting to spend a few more hours sharing this sweet soul with you all.

Welcome to The Callie Blount Episode.

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