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The Stillness Episode

%22There are times when you know how lucky you are to be in that moment, in that space doing exactly what you're doing.%22-4.png

Take a breathe and join me for an episode of reflection as I explore the benefits of stopping, the desire to find ways to unplug from the chaos of everyday living, and why we need more moments that we can be in while not worrying about using them for social proof.

I've been finding myself more and more seeking times of silence where I don't have to be doing anything. We're constantly in motion, and sometimes, we're just spinning our wheels. But when we do have those moments of silence and stopping, we know it as soon as it descends. Our heart rate evens out, and our breathe becomes full and steady. There are moments we are fully aware we are in, and we should be looking for them more and more. We need to hold onto the moments of peace while we can.

May this be the spark for you to create that space and peace.

Welcome to The Stillness Episode.

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