cutting back

The Busy Episode

Busy is bullshit..png

I'm pulling back the curtain on the myth of busy, how full calendars shouldn't be standards of validation and why we need to make room for nothingness.

It's time to slow down and stop the hustle because busy really is bullshit.

Welcome to The Busy Episode.

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The Detox Episode

%22What if we stopped accepting the routine of how things are, the social expectations for how we should be or how we should act, and we decide that we have all of the power ourselves..png

This week, I'm chatting about my Dry January experience, how detoxes can be resets for mind, body and health, and why cutting things out is a good thing for your life.

We become so convinced that the answer to all of our problems is that there is not enough in our lives, but the truth is that there are too many distractions to allow us to see the beauty of our lives.

Welcome to The Detox Episode.

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The Bloom Episode

%22Sometimes, you have to cut back to move forward.%22.png

Closing out 2017 with reflections on the year, what it means to bloom right where you are, and the importance of cutting out what is hindering your growth.

Sometimes, to get to where you want, you have to trim out the distractions that have been cluttering your life. 

Welcome to The Bloom Episode.

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