The Elise Mayfield Episode

%22What you learn when you don't succeed is that it's actually totally fine.%22-2.png

Every creative project won’t be an instant hit or even last as long as you may have thought, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t value in the journey.

This week, I chat with my good friend Elise Mayfield about co-creating our short-lived but personally successful YouTube web series Babble & Nosh, the one thing that landed her on Season 5 of MasterChef, and how to pick yourself back up after you faint on national television.

A big theme through the episode is the idea of failure and what it really means as so often, we cling to success—-or the idea of it—-so hard that sometimes we can’t see the beauty of the process. Join us as we dive into the pressure to succeed and how to push back and embrace failure head on.

Welcome to The Elise Mayfield Episode.

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