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Baby Babe Episode #2: The Body Talk

%22Whatever someone says about what you look like on the outside, doesn't determine how you feel on the inside.%22.png

We’re coming in hot with my first Baby Baby guest, Callie Blount. From judgements from acquaintances about your weight to what healthy really looks like, this is the episode I needed when I was 13. Heck. I need it even now.

This is a call to abandon our unrealistic standards of what young women should look like, how to not only embrace where you’re at with your body now, but how to champion young women around you to love the unique skin they’re in, and why when given the chance, you should always go swimming off the coast of Italy. Summer body or not.

Welcome to Baby Babe Episode #2: The Body Talk.

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The Callie Blount Episode


Food stylist and creator of Luv Cooks, Callie Blount drops in to talk about following your dreams when they don't make sense, listening to our own "inner tuition", and the beauty of falling flat on your face.

Callie and I met while working in food media, and from day one, I knew she was a kindred spirit. Her light and wisdom spilled out of every portion of our chat and left me wanting to spend a few more hours sharing this sweet soul with you all.

Welcome to The Callie Blount Episode.

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