california wildfires

The Rebuilding Episode

%22Being able to take a hot shower. Being able to cook your food. Being able to do laundry. It was like winning the lotto every time we got something like that back.%22-2.png

This week, I sit down with Santa Rosa resident, Amanda Greene to discuss surviving the fires in Northern California, what rebuilding looks like and the surprise of hope in the North Bay.

Having known each other for over a decade, Amanda and I find comfort in a conversation that could break many people's hearts. From survivor's guilt to her neighborhood being heavily destroyed, the gratitude that drips from her story left tears in my eyes.

Welcome to The Rebuilding Episode.

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The Home Episode

The Home Episode-2.png

Join me as I explore losing part of my Northern California homeland to wildfires, finding home in unexpected places, and how to take your roots with you.

There is a place in my heart that only California can fill, and even though I've moved around a lot, I always believed that I would have a home to go back to. But the devastating North Bay fires in October 2017 left me wondering how to hold onto home when it's been destroyed.

Welcome to The Home Episode.

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