The Now Episode

%22This is not an in between moment. This is THE moment. And this is the only thing that matters right now.%22-2.png

As we end this year, I wanted to get continue the theme of mindfulness. With the new year approaching and commitments between home, family and work, there is a constant stream of “do more” and “get ready to be your best self” or even the extra strong “the best is yet to come”.

But what about right now?

How are we enjoying this moment right here and taking advantage of all that it has to bring, whether that’s rest, work or play?

Why are we always looking forward or behind for the best when it could be right in front of us?

So, for this last episode of 2018, I want to share my thoughts about the power of the present, how the best time of your life is currently happening, and why you shouldn't wait until the new year to start accomplishing goals.

Welcome to The Now Episode.

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