alli webb

The Copycat Episode

If you're obsessing about people copying your stuff, then you're also just hurting your own momentum..png

The most precious part of creating is making something that’s your own — carving out a niché that’s yours. 

But what happens when someone piggybacks off of your idea or steals it outright?

You grind it out and work to perfect your craft, but when a copycat swoops in to steal your thunder, you might wonder why you’re even doing this in the first place.

It’s easy to think about giving up or getting angry, but there are other options.

Best > First

When I started Babe Cave, I was the only podcast of that name. Roughly two years later, there are about four other shows with similar names if not the same name.

Not gonna lie.

I hated it when I saw it. 

No, Babe Cave is not a “completely original idea”, but I was first, so that should count for something, right?


An interview Alli Webb of DryBar did with Gary Vee reminded me of that. She created the dry bar experience for women — making something that women thought was only for special occasions, more accessible. 

Since then, DryBar copies have popped up over and over and over, but Alli isn’t worried about being first. She cares about being the best.

Success is the best “revenge”.

People can fall in line behind your idea, but if you keep moving, you have a better chance of honing in on your creation to make it better than the rest.

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