The Imposter Episode

%22We’re all just pretending.%22-2.png

I’m a sucker for authenticity. The second I find out something is a façade, I’m out. But for some reason, I’m afraid of being found out.

I don’t know if it’s the critic that loves to live inside of me, but my greatest fear is some sort of global agreement that I am not truly good at what I believe I am good at.

It’s easy to believe that other people in other places doing other things never have this fear, but talk to anyone with any kind of responsibility or success, and they would probably tell you that their scared.

We coat our social media profiles with pictures reassuring ourselves that maybe we do actually have our shit together. But as soon as we take the masks off, we see how we’re all just barely held together at the seams.

This week, I’m exploring the danger of trying to prove our worth to the world, how there is no “arrival” moment for any of us, and why there’s safety in numbers.

Welcome to The Imposter Episode.

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