The Waiting Episode

It’s said that the only two things that are certain in life are death and taxes.

I’d like to include waiting in that.

Even though we convince ourselves that we just need to get to the next level of whatever it is then everything will be okay, as soon as we get to that next level, we’re just waiting for something else.


You wait to date.

Then you wait to get engaged.

And everyone wants to know when the wedding is.

As soon as you say I do, people want to know when the babies are coming, what house are you buying and where you’re vacationing every summer for the rest of eternity.

So many people try to skip ahead to the next phase of life because we’ve been convinced that waiting is awful — you might even see it as a punishment.

But what if waiting wasn’t a stop, so much as a redirection?

Often times, we believe that we know what we want and what will make us happy, but sometimes if we allow ourselves to wait a little longer — to think more about what it is that we truly like.

It’s easy to stay on the track that we originally set out on, but waiting creates an opportunity to change our minds — to forge a new path that may be better than the one that we thought we wanted.

So, here’s to the waiting and the better dreams that are on the other side of the doubts and valleys — may we believe that it’s all worth it.