Amanda Polick

Connecting people to their best stories.

You own everything that happened to you. Tell your stories. If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should have behaved better.
— Anne Lamott, Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing & Life


I believe that every single one of us is just one or two degrees of separation away from the life we really want to be living, and I want to get you there.

In short: I want to connect you to your best stories.

That happens when story and connection are met with a whole lot of meaning and a dash of boldness—-and I’m nothing if not bold., like that bright red lipstick you see way down the street.

As a proud product of the Golden State, I firmly believe that the West Coast is a magical place and life is too short to drink crappy wine. 

I love Northern California and enjoy nothing more than being able to just turn the radio on to listen to a San Francisco Giants game, but I was never the girl to stay home. My wanderlust and passion have taken me across the country with mailboxes in South Carolina, Los Angeles, Oakland, NYC, Birmingham and now, Nashville. 

From working at Time Inc. as the very first Segment Producer of Facebook Live to graduating from The Second City Hollywood, I have found incredible stories in each new phase of my life.

Improv and sketch comedy led me to saying yes to college at the age of twenty-three, which led me to a career in food journalism and thus, led me to producing scripted and live video content. 

And now, I’m my own boss with a weekly podcast Babe Cave which exists for dope women to connect and challenge what is acceptable. If you’re trying to figure out your story, often times it helps hearing and understanding someone else’s.

In early 2019, I’ll be releasing my debut book about how to get your life back after the craziest of setbacks.

Basically, I got you. No matter where you are or are not—Take a deep breathe. We’re in this together now.



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